April 2014 Web Analytics Wednesday at Enlighten, a meeting non-summary

We had 11 in attendance for the April 2014 edition of the Ann Arbor Web Analytics Wednesday group, which meets roughly monthly at Enlighten on the west side of Ann Arbor. This month’s meeting was sponsored by Tealium, a tag management vendor. Thanks to Chris Grant for being my co-organizer for the event.

I won’t try to summarize what was said by whom in what order, because discussion went around and around the table a few times. What I will try to capture is some of the topics we talked about, or talked about wanting to talk about more at future meetings. This includes (in alphabetical order)

If any of these terms resonate with you, please consider coming to a future Ann Arbor Web Analytics Wednesday! We organize with a Meetup group, or you can go to the Web Analytics Wednesday main page and find future dates.


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