Vintage Vacuum Cleaners for sale, Ann Arbor area

If you are interested, please contact Rusty at . He writes on April 16, 2014:

I used to belong to the Vacuum Cleaners Collector Club a few years back. I live in Ann Arbor on the west side, and am interested in selling off my Vacuum collection. I am hoping you may know of some people who may be interested, since I am no longer in the club.

I have about 60 vacuums, dating back to the “coffee can Hoovers.” I donated a couple to the Hoover Museum when I went to the Hoover 100th anniversary a few years back. I have mostly Hoovers (60, 61, 62, etc), and an Electrolux G that is in practically showroom condition with all of the attachments including the power head and turbo floor scrubber. I also have a 1205 that works well. I’ve got a Rainbow (around 1993) and some older Kirbys (D-50, D-80, Classic III 2C and Legend). I also have some newer Miele’s that work very well.

The main reason for me selling is that I need the space in the basement, and need some $$ for home repair.


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