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Winding down the summer

This coming week promises to be the last week of summer. Some surefire signs of the season.

Students are back in town. You see them on the streets, in the shops, and sometimes even on campus. They look younger every year, except for your own kids, who are getting old fast.

It’s worthwhile to start getting your kids to bed early, because it might take a full week to get their sleep schedules changed to have them get up early enough to make it to school on time. Fortunately both boys are self-propelled on bicycles to get to school.

Apples are back in season, after a full year last year without them. The reports from market suggest that the crop is going to be a good one.

Football parking is back on the agenda – football itself, not so much, but the crowds that come with games can mean a juicy allowance for the intrepid soul who has a front yard and a driveway with extra spaces for cars.

There’s a tally of the things that didn’t get done this summer. Strawberry picking didn’t happen (papa had a bad morning), and blueberry picking didn’t work out that well (the youngest couldn’t reach the high bush berries). I’m hoping that our Ypsilanti raspberry patch will be free from the fly infestation (spotted wing Drosophila) that has wiped out several other berrypicking locations nearby.

Farmers Market is always worth going to this time of year. Late summer suppers with green beans, tomatoes, and corn are a joy.