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Detroit to Chicago via Amtrak, 1988 – Super 8 video

Please enjoy this video from Youtube user “trainluvr” in glorious Super 8 showing the trip from Detroit to Chicago on Amtrak. The whole journey takes just 8 minutes, 16 seconds in time lapse. For a detailed log of every location in the trip, see this Trainsim thread, Amtrak Cab Ride Timelapse. Ypsilanti is at 0:58, Ann Arbor is at 1:06, Battle Creek at 2:49, Niles at 5:40 and Chicago at 7:34.


Typepad on iPad, edited elsewhere

No support for rich text editing in safari, but otherwise performant. Kind of nice.

I’ll need to really learn markdown for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that it descends from setext.

Ann Arbor

A2B3 lunch is Thursday as always.
Ann Arbor Parks did trick or treat today, Sunday, noon to 4pm on the Huron River.

Arborwiki makes a good companion as you go for errands around town.
Ann Arbor City Council elections and a millage are coming up. The Ann Arbor Chronicle has characteristically thorough coverage of the League of Women Voters forums.
Some project, not yet identified, has North Main torn up at Catherine. A second project has North Division down to a single lane. Expect delays.

No one was hurt in last week's fire on Harpst.
I'm trying a neighborhood LinkedIn group to see what kind of density I need to get enough people to make a group worthwhile; it might make sense to grab people closest first and then out by distance.

Metro Detroit

Tigers lost in the ALCS, and I’m looking forward to spring training.

Power outages from the Saturday windstorms were worst in Warren.


Occupy Chicago has had a lot of protest, via the Chicago Tribune which was on the scene.

Occupy Wall Street took over Times Square.


I am tracking steps with a pedometer again, thanks to Paul Resnick and a research group at UMSI.
Statler and Waldorf have taken over the Muppets twitter account. New movie due for Thanksgiving. Cue the Muppets.


The wind on Saturday made farmers market blustery. Squash of all sizes and varieties were there, and there’s nothing like a big old Hubbard squash to keep the corner of a table down. A farmer was doing the frost dance but said they had none at the last full moon. Traditionally, it’s said that the best way to open a Hubbard is to take an axe to it, or to throw it down into the cellar.


It’s hard to have great weird ideas when you are closing trouble tickets.
My new employer Nutshell has an office where my former employer Pure Visibility used to have it's offices.


Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, Einar Steffrud.


Books moved recently include Kawabata’s, Snow Country, to be shelved on the Heikki Lunta shelf to prepare me for winter.


Pinboard now supports Gopher urls in bookmarks.


Michigan football lost to State. It was as good an excuse as any to call my aunt who went to East Lansing.


Wow, I have a lot of categories.

Chicago trip Monday, Feb 5 2007

I’m planning a trip to Chicago on Monday, 5 Feb 2007 (as of this writing that’s this coming Monday). My return travel is out of Union Station at 6pm, so I’m organizing a meetup starting at 4:30pm or so somewhere near Union Station. Details on Meet Ed Vielmetti in Chicago near Union Station. RSVP whatever way suits you best.

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Creativity is an import-export game (Ronald Burt)

How to get a good idea? Take a good idea from outside your group and bring it in. The quote is from Ronald Burt, U Chicago Graduate School of Business. Some resources and links:

Ron Burt’s home page.

danah boyd’s 2004 blog post on Ronald Burt, Structural Holes and Creativity.

NY Times article Where to get a good idea: steal it from outside your group. ($$)

“Structural Holes and Good Ideas,” American Journal of Sociology (2004). In a few years it will be available on JSTOR, but not yet.


Dale Hunscher writes about Open Source Science and how ideas from open source software development can spur scientific innovation. He quotes an Harvard Business School Working Knowledge interview with Karim Lakhani which says in part

“Innovations happen at the intersection of disciplines. People have talked about that a lot and I think we’re providing some systematic evidence now with this study,” Lakhani says.

ok, more – on the topic of user-driven technical invention (where the “outsiders” are the customers and the “insiders” are the company) – from the manifesto of Lakhani’s userinnovation web community

Empirical research is finding that users rather than manufacturers are the actual developers of many or most new products and services – and that they are a major locus of innovative activity in the economy. This finding opens up new questions and avenues for exploration in fields ranging from economics to management of technology to organizational behaviour to marketing research. Examples are patterns in innovation by users, characteristics of innovating users, design of a user-centered innovation process, economics of a distributed innovation process that includes users as innovators, and social welfare implications of innovations by users.

(the site is currently throwing errors, but what a great idea…)

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