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Is it Christmas?

From the authoritative source for such questions,


Your answer may vary depending on the day and time that you read this.



Countdown clocks: Only (nn) days until Christmas

There was a brief interlude after Halloween to allow for Election Season, but then all of the orange-themed holiday items were swept away from the stores and are now replaced by green and red themed holiday items.  (New packaging, same stuff.)  That was what it looked like both at Kroger and at Caribou Coffee yesterday, quite disconcerting to go with the 60+ degree weather.

Kroger had a large clock up in view of the checkout lanes with a countdown timer until Christmas, something like this one (except a lot cheaper).

I'm a fan of countdown timers as a personal management tool; set a widget to beep after 15 minutes and do one thing until then.  (I'm using the 3-2-1 timer from BaldGeeks on my Mac.) It helps, for instance, to make sure that you don't miss the bus for a meeting, and it helps to make sure that the kids know just how long they can stay in bed before school starts. But the xmasy themed technology goes a little too far.  (Besides, I'm counting the days until Groundhog Day, and there is no market for marmot-themed plastic.)