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Wikileaks Iraq War Logs document release and media analysis

My twitter feed is full of the Wikileaks release of 400,000 records from the Iraq War. A number of news organizations got early access to the data; each of them wrote their own story.

New York Times: The War Logs.

Al Jazeera: The Secret Iraq Files.

The Guardian: Iraq: The War Logs.

Spiegel Online: Iraq War Logs.

CNN was offered the data, but chose not to take it.

CNN was offered access to the documents in advance of the release but declined because of conditions that were attached to accepting the material.

I won't go into any commentary here, except to note that the timing of the release was apparently a bit early; Al Jazeera broke the embargo 30 minutes before the scheduled time that all media would tell the story.
Boing Boing is tracking news coverage of the Wikileaks release, noting new news releases as they appear.