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Ed – review for August 2008

I get a lot of hits on this blog for the search term "ed".  Here’s something of a review of what else you would be looking for.

NYSE: ED is Consolidated Edison. When the power goes out around New York City, there’s a Con Ed power outage map with details.

Ed Stevens lives on at, though there are no plans of yet to re-release the 2000-2004 TV series on DVD.

The US Department of Education is to blame for the No Child Left Behind program.

ed is the standard unix line editor.  Ken wrote it, and Dennis wrote a history of it, as An Incomplete History of the QED Text Editor.  It was first written for the PDP-7.

Ed Robertson crashed a float plane in Ontario, but he’s ok.

Ed Felten is offering one term visiting positions at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton.

Finally, if you want monster truck races in Europe, go to Ed, Sweden.