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a2b3 non-summary for Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010

Attendance: 19. I had the udon noodles, which are new on the menu at Eastern Accents and quite good.

My list of things to note from the day includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google’s proposed fiber to the home project, and how to get it to Ann Arbor
  • Susan Crawford is back in Ann Arbor from a stint in DC and teaching cyber law
  • I’m not sure that I wouldn’t rather have a Droid phone than a Blackberry
  • There is a super-nifty Droid app which is an exercise tracker w/maps
  • Searching for low RPM motors that run on 2 AA batteries
  • Next Dow Aud. at UMHS a meeting on FDA regs for social media and medicine
  • Census is hiring and training workers, $14-18/hr
  • a2geeks
  • Ignite 3 is coming up
  • Earth Day is Garlic Mustard Day; I need your recipes
  • next Tuesday is Paczki Day, I need your jelly donuts
  • Ann Arbor Government Documents Repository continues to collect local govdocs
  • Gelman Sciences has released some new docs on their pollution plume & cleanup
  • Google Buzz is out
  • the DDA is doing a survey on parking
  • the hot pepper flakes are called “Ichimi Togarashi”

This list deserves hyperlinks; when I get them I’ll go back and edit them in.

Thanks to everyone who came, see you next time.


Grady Burnett leaves Google Ann Arbor to head up Facebook global sales

this in from Crain's Detroit:

Grady Burnett, who led Google Inc.’s advertising operation in Ann Arbor, has taken a position with Palo Alto, Calif.-based social media giant as it launches a revenue growth push.

Burnett now runs Facebook’s global online and inside sales.

Ann Arbor is the headquarters of Mountain View, Calif.-based Google’s AdWords division, the pay-per-click, search term-based advertising that’s the company’s primary source of revenue.

I would think this would be worthy of mention on TechMeme but no other stories up yet.

MLive has this story from yesterday on Burnett's replacement

Mike Miller is the new Head of Office, according to a news release.
The Grosse Pointe Farms native and University of Michigan alum has led
multiple teams in the Mountain View, Calif., headquarters and has
worked at Google since 2006.

Miller has been at Google since 2006. He helped develop the first
retail team in Adwords and he'll be relocating from Mountain View,

I wasn't able to find much about Miller (one way to hide inside Google is to have a common name) except for this wedding news congratulating a certain Edward Thaddeus Michael Miller.

on interviewing at Google

Some comments from a private list I’m on full of smart people re interviewing at Google, paraphrased:

1. Don’t even apply if you want to have a private office with a door; even the VPs have double offices.

2. If you want to build the next great new Web 2.0 thing, go build it, you don’t need Google for that.

3. If you want to telecommute then Google is not your place.

All seem like sound advice, and in some sense very similar to the sorts of interview advice I’d give to anyone working at any rocket-ship Internet company (these would have all worked for Cisco back in the day).

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Seth Godin presentation at Google – he’s coming to Ann Arbor May 22 2007

Seth Godin is coming to Ann Arbor on May 22 – see the Connect Ann Arbor blog for details. Here’s a video of a presentation he gave to Google last year which has almost a quarter of a million page views.

Worth noting is that the talk is closed captioned – so you can look at it and listen to it even with the sound turned down low and still make out what he’s saying.

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Grady Burnett to speak at Good Morning Livingston, Feb 13 2007

Quoted in its entirety; links are my own.

Google speaker set for Tuesday

By Jim Totten


Those who want to get the latest update on one of the hottest companies in the nation shouldn’t miss the Good Morning Livingston breakfast on Tuesday.

Reservations are still being accepted for the event, which will feature Grady Burnett, head of online sales and operations for Google’s Ann Arbor branch, as the keynote speaker. The popular breakfast event is sponsored by the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce.

Pat Convery, chamber president, said Google’s presence in Washtenaw County will affect Livingston County. She said existing residents might be interested in working at Google’s Ann Arbor location, and those who move to Michigan for jobs at the Google offices might purchase a home in Livingston County.

Convery said residents are “interested in the success of this company and the innovation it’s brought.”

She figured those who attend the breakfast want to learn how Michigan can be more of a part of the company’s success.

Burnett’s talk will focus on Google’s plans for its new location — hiring and recruitment, a description of what the Ann Arbor division will do and a segment on what Google does beyond its role as a search engine.

The monthly breakfast event typically attracts 100-180 people, and has featured politicians, economists and business leaders in the past. Convery said the program — organized in the late 1990s — is a popular networking opportunity.

Contact Daily Press & Argus reporter Jim Totten at (517) 548-7088 or at

Grady Burnett, head of online sales and operations for Google’s Ann Arbor branch, is the keynote speaker at the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce’s Good Morning Livingston breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday at Crystal Gardens banquet center, 5768 E. Grand River Ave. in Genoa Township. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door for chamber members, or $25 for nonmembers. Call (517) 546-3920 for more information on the program.

a2b3 for Jan 25, 2007: Pfizer, Google’s new tubes, interview season

A reminder that this morning is the a2b3 meeting for the week at Eastern Accents. I’ll put notes here after the meeting. Possible topics include the Pfizer Ann Arbor closing and the installation of a series of tubes at the new Google Ann Arbor office. (As viscous platypus notes, “All that traffic requires large tubes”). It’s also starting to be Google interview season as spring graduation gets closer. See you there!

a2b3 1/11/07 non-summary

I’m blogging this in part because of the Yahoo Groups / U of Michigan email snafu mentioned earlier.

The weekly a2b3 meeting happened today as it does every Thursday at Eastern Accents. You’re invited.

In attendance: Lance Carlson, Mohan Kartha, Jose Nazario, Ron Suarez, Jim Schuler, Laura Fisher, Derek Mehraban, Dan Cooney, Jeff Stanislow, Hali Sund, Brian Kerr, and Don Blumenthal. (all links to LinkedIn profiles) and your host Edward Vielmetti.

Topics covered in no particular order of importance: Page Packer pocketmod layout program for Mac, automated social calendar aggregation, Calendar Swamp blog by Scott Mace, the Arbor Update calendar via , iPhone vs. Nintendo DS, the state of Wireless Washtenaw, how much an iPhone would fetch on eBay, iPhone as the second coming of the Newton. There was more, but I was taking notes on one page of a pocketmod so there wasn’t that much room, and the table was long enough that there were two or three simultaneous digressions.

We concluded collectively that we wouldn’t give up our Moleskines, Nintendo DS’s, pedometers, Hipster PDAs, Blackberries, or simple but rugged candybar phones for an iPhone, but Mohan was certain that the Treo he loathes was going to give way to an iPhone. Ooh, shiny!

I talked about plans for a weekly Thursday call through my new employer, Ann Arbor internet search engine marketing firm Pure Visibility to talk about weblogs, tools to manage them and productive approaches for using them commercially – look for more details of that for a 1/18 launch. 2p Eastern, 11a Pacific. Email me if you’re interested. Space is limited, order yours today, operators are standing by, but wait there’s more etc.