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Michigan vs Virginia Tech (Hoke vs Hokies) in Sugar Bowl, January 3, 2012 in New Orleans; also, sandwiches

Follow the coverage from all sides.

National coverage: ESPN’s WolverineNation coverage from beat writer Michael Rothstein. Michigan Wolverines Land Sugar Bowl.

It almost didn’t happen, however. After finishing the regular season 10-2, the Wolverines needed help from other teams around the country on Saturday and from the pollsters on Sunday morning in order to be in this position — and they received it.

On Virginia Tech, the Washington Post writes “one of the most surprising Bowl Championship Series at-large picks ever”.

Virginia Tech’s BCS at-large hopes appeared to evaporate after its 38-10 loss to Clemson in the ACC championship game Saturday. While the Hokies have been ranked all season, they have not defeated a team currently in the Associated Press top 25 poll.

The game is in New Orleans, and Michigan’s ever-efficient alumni association has an official bowl tour package complete with chartered flights.

New Orleans is a great place to eat a sandwich. Chowhound has a best sandwiches thread that’s got a lot of great suggestions; I’d pick a banh mi (in its role as a Vietnamese po’boy). In Ann Arbor the blog “Meg Goes Nom Nom” has a glowing review of the banh mi from Zingerman’s:

And a few months after this occurred, I discovered that the featured sandwich at local favorite Zingerman’s Delicatessen was the Banh Mi. It was time! And not only get to try the sandwich, I got to meet the talented creator of this legit sandwich while I was there. Awesome!

The Zing sandwich was done by San Street, a food cart which alas I have not checked out myself yet.

The Viet World Kitchen blog has a master banh mi recipe which pretty much sums up what you’d need to put together your own.

There is essentially one sandwich in Vietnamese cooking and it is quite a tour de force. It started out very simply, with baguette smeared with liver pate and that was it. That’s how my mom knew it in the 1940s when she was growing up in Northern Vietnam. What we know today as banh mi is a light, crispy small baguette that is split and hollowed before it is invariably filled with homemade mayonnaise or butter (which I don’t like), sliced chili pepper, cilantro leaves, cucumber, a tangy-sweet daikon and carrot pickle (do chua), and a drizzle of soy sauce. The variation comes in when you choose what protein component(s) will be center stage.

More recipe action gets you a do chua recipe from the blog Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy, which sounds easy enough to do.

Do chua is so incredibly easy to make. Since it is a “fresh” pickle, there is no boiling or cooking involved. All you do is julienne the carrots and daikon, and soak them in a brine made with white vinegar, rice wine vinegar, a little water, sugar and a pinch of salt. That’s it! Plus, the pickles only need to marinate in their brine for about an hour before they’re ready to devour.

Now, you are ready for some football.


Typepad on iPad, edited elsewhere

No support for rich text editing in safari, but otherwise performant. Kind of nice.

I’ll need to really learn markdown for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that it descends from setext.

Ann Arbor

A2B3 lunch is Thursday as always.
Ann Arbor Parks did trick or treat today, Sunday, noon to 4pm on the Huron River.

Arborwiki makes a good companion as you go for errands around town.
Ann Arbor City Council elections and a millage are coming up. The Ann Arbor Chronicle has characteristically thorough coverage of the League of Women Voters forums.
Some project, not yet identified, has North Main torn up at Catherine. A second project has North Division down to a single lane. Expect delays.

No one was hurt in last week's fire on Harpst.
I'm trying a neighborhood LinkedIn group to see what kind of density I need to get enough people to make a group worthwhile; it might make sense to grab people closest first and then out by distance.

Metro Detroit

Tigers lost in the ALCS, and I’m looking forward to spring training.

Power outages from the Saturday windstorms were worst in Warren.


Occupy Chicago has had a lot of protest, via the Chicago Tribune which was on the scene.

Occupy Wall Street took over Times Square.


I am tracking steps with a pedometer again, thanks to Paul Resnick and a research group at UMSI.
Statler and Waldorf have taken over the Muppets twitter account. New movie due for Thanksgiving. Cue the Muppets.


The wind on Saturday made farmers market blustery. Squash of all sizes and varieties were there, and there’s nothing like a big old Hubbard squash to keep the corner of a table down. A farmer was doing the frost dance but said they had none at the last full moon. Traditionally, it’s said that the best way to open a Hubbard is to take an axe to it, or to throw it down into the cellar.


It’s hard to have great weird ideas when you are closing trouble tickets.
My new employer Nutshell has an office where my former employer Pure Visibility used to have it's offices.


Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, Einar Steffrud.


Books moved recently include Kawabata’s, Snow Country, to be shelved on the Heikki Lunta shelf to prepare me for winter.


Pinboard now supports Gopher urls in bookmarks.


Michigan football lost to State. It was as good an excuse as any to call my aunt who went to East Lansing.


Wow, I have a lot of categories.

Bo Biafra: “the invisible paw of the International Wolverine Conspiracy has taken down Tressel”

The Columbus Dispatch broke the news this morning that Jim Tressel has resigned as head football coach at Ohio State University. A Sports Illustrated cover story details troubles with Tressel's leadership of the program, culminating in an NCAA investigation.

For balanced reporting from Columbus about the football program I always turn to Bo Biafra, front man for the Columbus based punk band the Dead Schembechlers. Biafra knows the story with the Wolverines; it's best to have a "holy rivalry" with Michigan, and thus every problem in Columbus with the program gets blamed on the "New Wolverine Order", the "International Wolverine Conspiracy", or the "Mainstream Michigan Media".

Entrapment of Tressel a fait accompli as soon as Dead Schembechlers drove out Rich 'The Weasel' Rodriguez. We promise massive retaliation.

With that I bring you their hit "Rodriguez Is A Weasel".

Previously on Vacuum: Bomb Ann Arbor Now.

The Muppet Glee Club’s version of Temptation

After every Michigan football win, the band plays Temptation.  Here’s a version from practice.

And, after every Michigan win, the blog MGoBlog posts the Muppet Glee Club’s version of Temptation.. Alas, MGoBlog usually gives you the abbreviated version minus the first half of the sketch.
Here’s the whole thing. “It really doesn’t matter what song you’re going to sing, as long as we all agree the song we’re going to sing.” (Alas, that was an embedded Youtube video that’s gone; here’s another one.)

The Little Brown Jug, and other Michigan – Minnesota connections

Since it's game day (Michigan at Minnesota) I thought I'd link to at least a few connections between Michigan and Minnesota.

1.  The Little Brown Jug is the trophy that goes back and forth between the two schools depending on which one wins the game.  It was originally purchased as a water jug for the Michigan team on an away game to Minnesota in 1903, it was left behind after the game (a 6-6 tie).  The Daily Gopher has an excellent roundup of the story (warning: Minnesota point of view) quoting from several Michigan football blogs.

Days later when Yost sent a letter requesting his water jug back, Cook replied saying "We have your little brown jug; if you want it, you’ll have to win it."

More on the Little Brown Jug, and on the Brown Jug (a South University campus bar and restaurant) at Arborwiki.

2.  Michigan shares a border with Minnesota along Lake Superior, and there is public transportation by ferry from Houghton, Michigan to Grand Portage, Minnesota via a stop at the Isle Royale National Park.  

Minnesota to Isle Royale ferry information:

Grand Portage Isle Royale Transportation Line began as a way for the
Sivertson family of Lake Superior's north shore to transport their catch of
freshwater fish from Isle Royale to Minnesota. It gradually expanded to include
passenger service.

Michigan to Isle Royale ferry information:

Unlike other Isle Royale ferry services, the Ranger III was designed by
the National Park Service specifically to bridge the gap between the
mainland and the Island. It was built to withstand the Lake’s fierce
storms and its ice breaking capabilities assist in opening the park in
the spring. An experienced nine-member crew take great pride in not
only maintaining the vessel, but in serving its passengers. The Ranger
III’s Captain, Bill Hanrahan, a graduate of the Great Lakes Maritime
Academy, has over 30 years of experience; the crews combined experience
is just under 200 years.

3.  Ann Arbor, MI was the site of GopherCon '92, a 50 person workshop for developers and users of the Gopher information system, a pioneering Internet publishing system that was for some brief furry moment the hot new thing on MTV and bigger than that super-complicated World Wide Web hypertext thing.  Prentiss Riddle wrote up the trip report for it, and here's his writeup on my presentation at the time:

RELATED TECHNOLOGIES: Ed Vielmetti of CICnet gave a talk on "what we would be gathering to discuss if UMinn had never developed Gopher", meaning primarily World-Wide Web (WWW). WWW was developed for the high-energy physics community and serves as a model of what Gopher could do if a discipline-oriented virtual community invested in it
heavily. WWW is based on SGML (Standard General Markup Language"), an ISO standard for marking up text which WWW uses to implement hypertext. SGML is a bear and it is a significant investment of effort to properly add a document to WWW, but the result is quite powerful (for instance, WWW handles footnotes in hypertext).

The Internet periodically notices that Gopher is not dead; here are a survey of the current Gopher infrastructure from Jason Kottke, some April development from George Hotelling, and a manifesto from Bjorn Karger

Worst season ever? – Michigan 2008 football not as bad as 1934


Along with all of the other t-shirts (Michigan Beer Pong, Michigan Undecided) for sale on State Street before football games, a new one has appeared this year:  “2008 Worst Season Ever”.

Not being one to quarrel with a t-shirt, I thought I’d go back through history and see just how bad this year’s team is compared to teams of the past.

1.  Rich Rodriguez has the worst lifetime record (2-7) of any Michigan football coach.  The nearest benchmark is the 1891 team, coached by Mike Murphy and Frank Crawford, who coached for one season with a 4-5 mark. 

2.  The last years in modern times to have a two win season are 1962 (Bump Elliot) and 1958 (Bennie Oosterbann’s last year). 

3.  In 1934 and 1936, Harry Kipke coached to a 1-7 record.   Harry Kipke has a street named after him, notes the Hoover Street Rag, and the late Gerald Ford was MVP of the 1934 team.  Ford wrote a chapter in What It Means To Be A Wolverine which is worth a read about just how difficult a year that was.

So, not quite the worst season ever, but pretty close – “worst coach ever” is too soon to tell, but RichRod still needs to live up to the Bump Elliot benchmark of winning the Rose Bowl (with the 1964 team vs Oregon State).

The other football benchmark is of course is Michigan football (see the season map): look for a report on how the season compares to previous years next week.  The reports I have gathered from people with parking near the stadium who always fill up is that prices don’t vary much by the success of the team, but the time to sell out the lot is a lot less on a busy day.  As you get farther from the Big House, even lower prices won’t necessarily fill all the spaces. Ann Arbor taxpayers depend on the rents from their 7x/year lawns to pay the property taxes, so we’re all pulling for the team.

Notes on the Toledo War, 2008

1.  Holy Toledo!
2.  Two Stickney, younger brother of One Stickney.
3.  13-10.
4.  Parking prices due to drop for the rest of the season.
5.  The Michigan-Ohio boundary was resurveyed in 1915, and it’s not straight.
6.  Seen on the way to the game: "Michigan Undecided" and "Michigan Beer Pong" t-shirts.
7.  Their mascot is "Rocky the Rocket".
8.  Their home field is the "Glass Bowl".

I watched the game on Twitter with the radio on, listening to Barefoot Jerry on WCBN.


1.  Loss will cause me to… zombie apocalypse.  (mgoblog)

2. Bail for the conquering zeros (Totter Toons)