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“Blue Cross is warned by AG on Medicare practices”, Patricia Anstett, Detroit Free Press, Dec 19 2008

from this Free Press article; hyperlinks mine. 

Michigan's Attorney General's Office has warned Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Michigan
to immediately stop what it believes are deceptive
business practices that make it difficult for seniors to buy
supplemental Medicare policies.

In a letter Wednesday, Carol Isaacs, deputy attorney general, told
Blue Cross general counsel Lisa DeMoss that the office has received
more than a half dozen complaints that Blue Cross, the state's insurer
of last resort, does not promote the policies. Instead, "Blue Cross and
its agents have been fervently marketing" its costlier Medicare Advantage products, Isaacs said, in the letter.

A quick look at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Medicare 2009 page shows prominent branding for the "Medicare Advantage" name; it's not clear at all to me which if any of the products there are which.  There is no "Medigap" branding visible, or "supplemental Medicare" language in h1 bold type.

A useful tool though after some searching is a BCBSM search engine, buried deep somewhere inside the site, powered by Verity and searching across a variety of sites with precise control over the dates of the documents returned.