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Saul Bass posters and designs for Anatomy of a Murder

I just had a chance to check out the Criterion Collection version of Anatomy of a Murder from the Ann Arbor District Library. It has a full DVD of features including a short with a look at the title sequences from Saul Bass. 

Google's doodle of the day today is a homage to Saul Bass, and I found this extensive collection of title sequence graphics, lobby cards, and posters from the film collected by Christian Annyas from Jennifer, Saul Bass’ daughter. One sample will suffice to illustrate, but Annyas notes that the actual collection has a lot of variety:

Posters, inserts, billboards, at least eight different ads, stationery, an album cover, a title sequence, and everything is different! 
I don’t see any studio doing that today. 


Anatomy of a Murder was filmed on location in Marquette County, Michigan.

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