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Good ways to meet new people? Take our poll!

Polls are fun ways to get people's opinions, and the All Our Ideas website is a particularly good form of this polling because it lets readers add their own suggestions.

As an introduction to this, here's a simple poll: what are good ways that you suggest to meet new people? You'll get a choice of two from the list to pick which one is better, and if you have a better idea you can add it in.

Take our poll!



Poll: Will Earthen Jar and Jerusalem Garden re-open on Friday, March 25?

A portion of a retaining wall on Ann Arbor’s downtown Library Lot project failed on March 24, 2011, causing a sinkhole to open up and forcing the evacuation of Earthen Jar and Jerusalem Garden, two restaraunts nearby.

At noon on Friday, March 25, Jerusalem Garden was open again for business. Earthen Jar is expected to open at 1:30 p.m., per to a phone call to the restaurant.

Will those restaurants be open for business on Friday, March 25? And if not, where will you go for lunch?

Edward Vielmetti organizes lunch for Ann Arbor.