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On public art in public places in Ann Arbor’s City Hall

Tonight's Ann Arbor City Council meeting discussed at great length the expenditure of some sizable sum of money for art that would be installed in the secured lobby of the Justice Center part of City Hall, where would you have to go through a security check to visit it.

What I have noticed from visits to City Hall is that the art that's there is quite accessible is a tile mural that you can not only see without going through a checkpoint, but is even so ready to hand that you can touch it.

A proposal was put forth to not spend the money on art and to renovate some bathrooms in the building instead. This left a missed opportunity to instead ready-made art as part of that installation. (photo: wikimedia commons, from the original photo by Alfred Stieglitz).

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Ann Arbor Greenbelt Commission, Land Acquisition Committee, meeting of April 5, 2010 cancelled

For more details on the Ann Arbor Greenbelt Program, see the City of Ann Arbor web page:

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