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Vintage Vacuum Cleaners for sale, Ann Arbor area

If you are interested, please contact Rusty at . He writes on April 16, 2014:

I used to belong to the Vacuum Cleaners Collector Club a few years back. I live in Ann Arbor on the west side, and am interested in selling off my Vacuum collection. I am hoping you may know of some people who may be interested, since I am no longer in the club.

I have about 60 vacuums, dating back to the “coffee can Hoovers.” I donated a couple to the Hoover Museum when I went to the Hoover 100th anniversary a few years back. I have mostly Hoovers (60, 61, 62, etc), and an Electrolux G that is in practically showroom condition with all of the attachments including the power head and turbo floor scrubber. I also have a 1205 that works well. I’ve got a Rainbow (around 1993) and some older Kirbys (D-50, D-80, Classic III 2C and Legend). I also have some newer Miele’s that work very well.

The main reason for me selling is that I need the space in the basement, and need some $$ for home repair.


Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club, 25th annual convention

More at VacuumLand and a review at the Austin Statesman.

The convention isn’t open to the public, but if you were to drop in, you’d find these people attending clinics on repairing, cleaning and restoring vacuums. You’d see them holding vacuuming contests, playing “Vacuum Jeopardy” and eating vacuum-shaped cake on tables decorated with vacuum components. Each was allowed to bring along 12 vacuums.

Next time I’ll ask for a press pass.

Thanks to Ann Hanson for the heads up.