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Saul Bass posters and designs for Anatomy of a Murder

I just had a chance to check out the Criterion Collection version of Anatomy of a Murder from the Ann Arbor District Library. It has a full DVD of features including a short with a look at the title sequences from Saul Bass. 

Google's doodle of the day today is a homage to Saul Bass, and I found this extensive collection of title sequence graphics, lobby cards, and posters from the film collected by Christian Annyas from Jennifer, Saul Bass’ daughter. One sample will suffice to illustrate, but Annyas notes that the actual collection has a lot of variety:

Posters, inserts, billboards, at least eight different ads, stationery, an album cover, a title sequence, and everything is different! 
I don’t see any studio doing that today. 


Anatomy of a Murder was filmed on location in Marquette County, Michigan.

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For 906 day, some photos of Marquette, MI from Shorpy

906 day (September 6) celebrates the area code of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. First I've heard of this holiday, but I heartily approve.

In honor of this day a couple of nice photos of Marquette, MI came via Shorpy. The photos of the harbor and ore docks, Front Street, and a panorama of downtown Marquette date from 1908 and 1909 and are from glass negatives from the Detroit Publishing Company.

A detail below shows the Hotel Janzen, with a train's smoke just to the left of it and a piece of City Hall at the far left.

Picture 21

July 2012 West Shore Pipeline spill leads to Upper Peninsula energy emergency

The West Shore Pipeline carries refined fuels from refineries near the southern end of Lake Michigan north to Green Bay, and from there fuel is carried by truck to the Upper Peninsula.

A spill on this pipeline near Milwaukee led to it being shut down for a time this week, and even though the pipeline is back in operation, the effects linger in the form of a fuel shortage in the UP. Prices have gone up because distributors need to make an extra long run from Milwaukee to get their supplies.

In response to this, Michigan’s Governor Snyder has declared a fuel emergency for the UP. From TV6 in Marquette:

The executive order makes drivers of gasoline trucks exempt from weekly hours of service restrictions to make sure demand is met.  The order remains in effect until it is rescinded or until August 7 at 11:59 p.m., whichever comes first.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also declared an energy emergency on Saturday.

As noted in the comments on the TV6 story:

Wow, I think for the first time ever there was a real reason for a spike in gas prices in the UP.

It’s always good to know the maps of key infrastructure so you can see after the fact how systems are interdependent. 

UPDATE July 26, 2012: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that wells in the area of the pipeline spill have been contaminated. Story:

Private wells at three rural homes north of Western Ave. in the Town of Jackson are contaminated with gasoline that spilled out of a break discovered last week in a regional pipeline, a spokesman for West Shore Pipe Line Co. said Wednesday.

Benzene levels in water from the wells exceed the federal safe drinking water standard of 5 parts per billion, and those families will be provided bottled water. Benzene is known to cause cancer.


UPDATE October 9, 2013: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel continues to track the spread of benzene from the gasoline spill. The story:

A July 2012 gasoline pipeline spill in the Town of Jackson is the likely source of benzene detected in a Village of Jackson municipal well in May of this year, a village consultant’s investigation determined.

This is the first contamination of a municipal well linked to the spill of 54,600 gallons of gasoline from a fuel distribution line owned by West Shore Pipe Line Co. of Illinois.

A total of 44 private wells in the town within a 1-mile radius of the spill have been contaminated with benzene or other gasoline compounds, records show.

Though well No. 6 is more than 2 miles northwest of the pipeline rupture, pumping of the well in early July determined it drew ground water out of fractured dolomite rock beneath the spill site in the 1800 block of Western Ave., according to the consultant’s report.

Happy St Urho’s Day 2011!

On this day, St. Urho drove the grasshoppers out of Finland and by doing so saved the Finnish grape crop. More from and from the 1800+ fans of the St Urho page on Facebook.

Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!

Traditionally: wear purple, celebrate by drinking wine.

As it turns out, Urho didn't complete his task, and a 2009 book Suomen heinäsirkat ja hepokatit ("The Grasshoppers and Crickets of Finland") describes the species of orthoptera found in Finland. The web site includes several sound samples, so if you always wanted your phone's ring tone to sound like a Finnish grasshopper, here's your chance.

More photos on Flickr: Grasshoppers and crickets, Finland, by Dr Sami Karjalainen

My career in food service

As published in the Association for Computing Machinery’s Risks Digest, v4 n30, 1986:

 Fast-Food Computing


Tue, 16 Dec 86 16:15:04 EST

I must have been in the cycle early for McDonald's
fast-food intelligent man-machine systems, according to
Guthery's law:
>     In an evolving man-machine system, the man will get
>     dumber faster than the machine gets smarter.
McDonald's fast food computers (i.e., cash registers)
collect all sorts of data on the individual employee at
the counter and on all counter sales as a whole.  They also
do not have a <no sale> key that opens up the cash
register, probably to prevent theft.  That made it real hard to fix a
mistake without calling a manager to get a key to open the drawer.
Solution?  Well, the people I worked with at McD's had been
around thesystem long enough to figure out how to get around
it.  Without getting into too many details of why things were
as they were, the easiest way to open the drawer without a
manager was to ring up a sale that gave away a
tub of barbecue sauce for McNuggets and nothing else.
(Hit <promo> <barbecue> <promo> <total> .)
Of course, that messed up the daily statistics some.
Edward Vielmetti, Ex-McDonalds employee, Computing Center
Microgroup, U. Mich.


Great Lakes wave forecast: 20+ foot waves on Lake Superior on Wednesday, October 27

The Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System has recent history, current conditions, and near term forecasts for wind, waves and temperatures across the Great Lakes.  There's a windstorm coming which is predicted to create serious waves; look at the 24+ foot predictions on Lake Superior near where the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in 1975.

image from