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Hit and run in Ypsilanti – seeking driver of early 90s Chevy Corsica – Motorcycle accident Friday August 9, 2013 Downtown Ypsilanti (W. Forest Ave at N. Hamilton St. Ypsi)

A friend of mine was in a motorcycle accident in Ypsilanti on Friday, August 9, 2013. Here's her posting to Craigslist about it – there is a reward offered for identification of the driver that caused the crash. Contact her through this email address:

 Motorcycle accident 08/09/13 Downtown Ypsilanti (W. Forest Ave at N. Hamilton St. Ypsi)

*Possible Reward, if vehicle driver identified*

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.40.01 AMMy partner and I were involved in a motorcycle accident around 8:20pm at the corner of W. Forest Ave and N. Hamilton St, August 09, 2013. An early 1990's, I believe a Chevrolet Corsica, tan/gold in color, made an illegal right turn from the far left lane in front of our motorcycle. The vehicle stopped briefly in the intersection after causing us to dump our bike, but quickly left after the Ypsi Fire Dept came on the scene.

I know that the first two pedestrians who spoke with us witnessed the accident, and appeared to be taking pictures/video of the scene. A third pedestrian, wearing a pink t-shirt, helped get our bike off of us and handed me my partners glasses. I'm sure he also witnessed the incident, and saw the vehicle leave the scene.

If you, or anyone you've spoke to had told you about this accident, or have pics/video if the incident, please contact me through this post. It can be done anonymously, we are looking for the driver of the vehicle who left the scene. Also, I'd like to thank the pedestrians, Ypsi firefighters, the fine paramedics of HVA, and Officer Thompson of Ypsi PD for all your help.

  • Location: W. Forest Ave at N. Hamilton St. Ypsi
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Posted: 2013-08-10, 4:16PM EDT

 email to a friend



Beer with Bloggers, organized by Mark Maynard. Corner Brewery, Ypsilanti, Tuesday April 9 2013 7-9pm

I'm planning to go to Beer with Bloggers, a get-together organized by Mark Maynard.

An event for Michigan bloggers of all stripes, and the people who love them… No formal agenda. Just lots of talking over beer about blogs, politics, food, culture and the state of independent media.

Hope to see you there!

Ypsilanti, Michigan to adopt more stringent Open Meetings Act rules

YPSILANTI – A very straightforward yet revolutionary approach to open meetings in Ypsilanti says that every subcommittee of City Council must abide by the Michigan Open Meetings Act – including providing advance notice of meetings – just in case enough council members show up to form a quorum.

Ypsilanti Citizen story:

The OMA resolution, which was added to council’s agenda at 5 p.m. on
Oct. 20, was discussed in relation to the approval of the Ypsilanti
Downtown Development Authority bylaws – a separate agenda item at the

Murdock said the resolution is simply about “having meetings where decisions are made open to the public.”

he had previous discussions with City Manager Ed Koryzno during
Council’s goal-setting sessions in January, Murdock moved forward with
the resolution Oct. 20, when the DDA violated the Open Meetings Act
earlier in the month by having a quorum, or more than seven members of
the board, participate at a planning committee meeting.

the Advance Ypsilanti PAC notes that the resolution snuck in at the last possible minute

Sadly, the process by which this open meetings resolution
was enacted is exactly the opposite of an open process. This is not
just ironic, but suspect.

For instance, consider that this resolution was sent to the city
clerk and posted to the council packets at 4:16 p.m. the day of the
city council meeting, less than 3 hours before
council was to convene. AY PAC asks ‘why’? There was no emergency, no
timeline that needed to be met on this issue. There was no pressing
need that forced this to be addressed and resolved THAT NIGHT.

If anyone can inform AY PAC as to why this was so urgent that it
needed to be addressed in a timeline that included NO opportunity for
public comment and little reflection by council, we welcome the

The back story is the Ypsi DDA meeting in October 2008 which was held in closed session, in evident violation of the Open Meetings Act.  From YpsiNews (Steve Pierce) at the time:

(October 7, 2008) During a meeting of the Ypsilanti Downtown Development, the DDA board violated not one, but two sections of the Open Meetings Act.

The Director of the Ypsilanti DDA, Brian Vosburg, called an
emergency closed session meeting to be held on Friday, October 3, 2008
at 12 noon. The purpose of the meeting was to meet with DDA attorney
Tammie Tischler.

The DDA Director said in the meeting notice the “Closed Session (is)
to consider material exempt from discussion or disclosure by state or
federal statute – (Open Meetings Act 15.268, Section 8(h))”

However, neither the DDA Director nor the DDA attorney would cite
which state or federal statute exempts the DDA from the Open Meetings
Act. Failing to publicly state the reason for a closed session is a
violation of the Open Meetings Act.

Granholm, Dingell to present check for Ypsi Freighthouse rehab

via Mark Maynard

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Washtenaw County

The city of Ypsilanti will restore the historic Ypsilanti Freighthouse located in Depot Town. The project will include major structural improvements to the foundation, floor, walls, pilasters, roof and interior mechanical systems. These items, outlined in a Conditional Assessment Report, are required to re-open the 1878 facility, which is planned to serve as a community center, farmers market, café and education center. The budget for this Recovery Act project is $500,000.

party like it's 1878!

Friday 10 April 2009 at 9:30am has a ceremonial ceremony in Depot Town.  If anyone is going there from along the Old M-17 corridor or the Ypsi-Ann Interurban corridor and would like a shared ride let me know.

17th Annual College of Business Career Day Conference, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI, October 5

I’ll be on a panel at this event, hope to see you there.

The conference held in the College of Business (COB), is free for EMU students and alumni, free parking in the parking structure behind the College of Business. There will be panel discussions (professionals will discuss their companies and expectations of new hires) for each COB major from 9:30-3 p.m. and approximately 50+ employers will be on hand to recruit students and alumni from 3-5 p.m. for a variety of business related internships and permanent positions.

Recruiter list will be updated early fall.

For more details:

Students/Alumni go to to sign up

Employers call 734 487 4099 ask for Lorraine McKnight or


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Keep Ypsi Rollin’ November ballot initiative press conference


“Keep Ypsi Rollin'” is launching its November ballot initiative by

holding a press conference tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. at the Ypsilanti bus

station at Pearl and Washington (one block north of Huron, just north

of Michigan Ave.).

We’ll be handing out press releases detailing our plan, collecting

signatures on our official ballot petition, and answering questions.

See you there.

Laura Bien

“Keep Ypsi Rolling” director

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Nano (Nancy) Osborn, 42, obituary

Everyone knew her as Nano. Nancy Osborn, age 42, died in her Ann Arbor home Sunday, in the arms of her husband, surrounded by family, after living with cancer for 10 years.

It’s hard to overstate the impact Nano had on everyone who knew her. A people-magnet, she lived with great generosity, humor, and mindfulness, and she thrived on sharing that exuberance with others. She was the kooky aunt, the creative friend, the kid sister, the loyal daughter, the considerate neighbor, the loving wife, the informed citizen. She found humor in much of life, including her cancer. The first time chemotherapy made most of her hair fall out, she pointed to the few remaining down-like tufts and cracked, “I look like a baby sparrow.”

Her passion for the environment rivaled her passion for the English language, and only the bravest took her on in Scrabble. Most importantly, during fifteen years of marriage Nano was the life co-pilot of John “JR” Roberts, whose deep love and constant support, particularly in the last 10 years, enriched Nano’s life beyond measure.

Together, Nano and JR transformed an ordinary lawn into a native-garden sanctuary, brimming with Michigan wildflowers and grasses. Nano, a Master Gardener, loved to show off their garden to guests, and they frequently offered it for events such as garden tours and friends’ weddings. Nano took immense delight in watching a hummingbird sip nectar from bee balm she’d planted just for that moment.

Always game for a good time, Nano and JR frequently threw open their 110-year-old home to family and friends. No matter how many people were around, Nano put others at ease in social settings and took genuine interest in their stories. Her least favorite question was, “What do you do (for a living)?”

Nano lived by her principles. She hunted down stylish fashions at used clothing stores, recycled regularly, made greeting cards instead of buying them, and walked and biked wherever she could until cancer made that impossible. She relished used things for their history; “new” held far less appeal.

Fed up with the cars barreling by her house, and concerned for the safety of nearby kids, Nano organized and succeeded in implementing the Brooks Street traffic-calming project, among the first of its kind in Ann Arbor. She also devoted hundreds of hours to peer counseling other women diagnosed with stage-four cancer, a support not commonly available 10 years ago. Many more hours were spent editing newsletters for local, environmental and political causes, including the Ecology Center, the ACLU, and the Master Gardener program. Nano supported WEMU and the Michigan Theater as well as locally produced plays, especially at the Performance Network and Ypsilanti’s Riverside Arts Center. She detested folk music.

Though she would screw up her nose to hear it, Nano gave courage and inspiration to others, even those she met only once. Among her greatest gifts was the guidance she gently gave those of us who loved her, who stood by helplessly, in dealing with her cancer. And without doubt Nano would have had something to say about the wording and punctuation of the preceding sentence.

The youngest of six, Nano grew up on West Ainsworth in Ypsilanti. Her strong alto voice provided the harmony for everything from “Happy Birthday” to carols. For years, the Osborns’ annual Christmas Crankdown featured lots of camaraderie, singing and the family’s homemade ice cream; Nano always did her share of the cranking. She kept her education local, earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism from EMU in 1986 and a master’s degree in natural resources and the environment from UM in 1993.

Nano’s favorite place was the Lake Michigan shore, where for years the extended Osborn family camped together for a week each summer. She credited her experiences as a church camp counselor for igniting her love of camping. She also relished canoe trips in the Canadian wilderness, snorkeling in the Caribbean, and dancing – any type, any time. One of her favorite recent trips was a pub and cathedral tour of small English towns.

She leaves behind many who loved her. The short list includes her family: husband JR of Ann Arbor; parents Carroll and Bonny, Ypsilanti; siblings John (Jean), Onsted; Charlotte, St. Paul, MN; Janet (Gregory), Ann Arbor; Tim (Vickie), Amherst, WI; and Joel (Sandy), Ypsilanti; step-daughter Sara (Todd) and granddaughter Fern, Fort Hill, PA; in-laws John and Dorma Roberts, Jan (Patrick) Rutty, Cathy (Lew) Trescott, Jerry (Katie) Roberts, and Gene Roberts; nieces and nephews Jack, Joel, Lindsey, Kees, Mark, Kelly, Tijl, Haan, Jeremiah, Kristin, Helen, Frankie, Andrew, Danielle, Kestin, Philip, Mickey, Natalie, Matthew, Jade, and Nina; kitties Nadine and Slim; and many, many friends, also part of Nano’s family.

Visitation will be 1 pm Saturday, Oct. 15, at First United Methodist Church, 209 Washtenaw Ave., Ypsilanti, between Washington and Adams streets. Services are at 2 pm, and an informal lunch will follow, with more time for visitation. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the FUMC Camp Fund, FUMC Organ Fund, or the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Other ways to honor Nano are to plant trees or other perennial plants in places where they will provide wildlife habitat or a restorative environment for humans, and to educate pre-menopausal women about every single option (and right) they have in diagnosing breast lumps.

obit from the Ann Arbor News, hyperlinks added (because I think Nano would have expected me to add them)

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