Tim Berners-Lee surfing the net in 1992

From the old www-talk mailing list in Feb 1992:

For the first test I ran www, followed a pointer to your archie server, looked for “html” to find any hypertext files out there. At the bottom of the list is a file of Ed Vielmetti’s “archie.html” in Toronto. Jumped over there.. it has a pointer to the comp.archives newgroup … jumped into the newsgroup… jumped into an article… This is how things SHOULD work!

this file “archie.html” was the first HTML I ever wrote; the file date is 12 Nov 1991. As far as I know, it’s the oldest HTML file on the net.

Thanks to Mark Moraes for the guest account at Toronto.


2 thoughts on “Tim Berners-Lee surfing the net in 1992

  1. eli

    Holy crap, that’s awesome, Ed! So what’s your Slashdot uid, huh, toughguy? Not that mine is impressive, but #659 is part of the AADL tech team…


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