The usual complaints

That's not news.

Is this news worthy… really?  

Who cares?

How can writing so void of analysis and content, based on innuendo and false assumptions be so widely admired?

Slow news day.

Follow the money.

There's a law which I haven't formed completely which notes that those who complain the most about the comments have the least to say.  On the other hand, when some does a rewrite to your intern's story, you know that they are reading you quite carefully.

There's always "Muphry's Law", which states that those who criticize your spelling are most likely to have mispelled a word.


6 thoughts on “The usual complaints

  1. Edward

    “That’s the quintessential article. Can’t even correctly fact check or proof read the location of your own office.”

  2. Edward

    “Why is it news when home owners have their water shut off, and it isn’t news when apartment dwellers get their water shut off?”

  3. Naomi Zikmund-Fisher

    I can’t believe you let this Communist write for you.
    This post has been removed for violating our guidelines.
    You remove the conservative posts but not the socialist ones.
    This post has been removed for violating our guidelines.
    If you can’t spell nucular you shouldn’t be writing about it.


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