Risks Digest, April 1, 2011: Facebook “Enemies List” feature

From Risks Digest v26 n40,  a publication of the Association of Computing Machinery edited by Peter G. Neumann. 

Date: 1 Apr 2011 1:02:03 -0800
From: Mark Thorson <eee@sonic.net>
Subject: Facebook introduces `enemies list' feature

PALO ALTO, CA — Facebook today announced availability of a new feature, the
enemies list.  "This is the single most requested feature from our customer
base, and we always respond to our customers," said company spokesman Ronald
.  "It's based on the old proverb, 'The enemy of my enemy is my
friend'," he added.  "When two people add the same third party to their
enemies lists, they automatically become Facebook friends."  In response to
a question, Ziegler said there is no corresponding function to automatically
add the friends of enemies to a user's enemies list.

Edward Vielmetti studies severance agreements with great care.

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