Obituary: Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011), American musician and poet

Gil Scott-Heron (b. April 1, 1949; d. May 27, 2011) was a poet and musician.


Obituaries: NPR, by Daoud Tyler-Ameen; Wikipedia; Associated Press / New York Times.

Los Angeles Times written by Randall Roberts for the blog Pop and Hiss:

Last year the New Yorker published a reverent but heartbreaking profile of Scott-Heron by Alec Wilkinson. Written after Scott-Heron had recorded “I’m New Here” but after he had relapsed and was smoking crack openly in front of the reporter, the story traced his rise, his fall and his influence.

Some music of his, linked here to Youtube clips so that I can have them in one place.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, 1970.

Whitey’s On The Moon.

The Bottle, 1974, from Winter In America.

We Almost Lost Detroit, live 1990 performance; about the Fermi power plant near Monroe, Michigan.

WhoSampled has a list of artists who sampled Gil Scott-Heron in their work.

Compilations of information: – fan site

It was around the middle seventies when I first heard this brazen, young black man’s voice. He was angry! We were angry! I was angry! Angry over the fact that it was a few years ago that they had just taken from us our black shining Prince. He was mad. We were mad. I was mad! Mad over the fact that our struggle for freedom had come to a screeching halt. He was loud! Loud and determined to be heard. And I heard him. I heard him loud and clear. I heard him when he said “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. I heard him when he said “No Knock On My Brothers’ Head”. I heard him when he was saying that the spirit of Brother Malcolm will flourish in him as it has in me. – official site – includes his song “I’m New Here” from his album of the same name on XL Recordings.

Jemimah Knight’s account of the evening spent confirming the news gives links to all sources along the way, noting how the net having been given some news starts to search for confirmation that the news is true.

Searches on Google under “news” are not showing any pages at five past three. It’s Gil Scott-Heron. You really do want to be sure before you write this up as a news source. No matter who crows about who was first on the web to break a story, trust is the currency. Trust and accuracy so, I am not surprised that the mainstream houses are not publishing yet. (No offence intended for the original tweet)

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