Mindfulness about what you’re doing with OneTab

I use OneTab (see: previously) to manage the tabs on my Chrome browser. It does a great job of sweeping a bunch of current state for open tabs onto a page, so that you can get a fresh start when a new project comes up and then restore the state of the old one. It also means that I have a lot more working memory on my old MacBook. All in all a big win.

Every once in a while the projects pile up, and I forget what I was doing but still don’t know what to focus on. The mindfulness project then is to go methodically through each of the tabs, dealing with whatever is on that page and then closing the tab instead of saving it. This has been a good way to feel like I don’t have an infinite set of half-done efforts.

1 thought on “Mindfulness about what you’re doing with OneTab

  1. Oconnormj

    I’d used a Firefox extension’s session manager functionality similarly. The problem is that if the tab was out of sight, it tended to get out of mind and I’d never get to it. I’d end up with groups of tabs named “foo”, “foo2”, “foo3″ etc. — meaningful names.
    At one point, I even honestly thought of making a poem about the 3/8″x5” bar of tabs I’ve had alive for months to chase down a particular something… how much something means to me such that it consumes such-and-such pixels in one of my Mac’s Spaces. And then I said “screw it, I have to deal with this and I’m not a poet”.


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