Plan your Washington, DC bike trips with

Pick two endpoints of the journey that you want to take, and then click on the triangle on the left to select your favorite combination of short distance, flat, and bicycle friendly. The route will adjust to reflect the tradeoffs you make. A sample route from is below.

Picture 2
More details from the Washington Post: "A bike map for Washington"

BikePlanner was created by OpenPlans, a nonprofit group based in New York that wants to use technology to improve transportation. The organization also worked on, a trip planner for New York City’s (delayed) bike-sharing program and on a trip planner for the TriMet transit system in the Portland, Ore., area.

The bike-trip planners for New York and Washington were built as demonstrations, said Kevin Webb, the Washington-based co-director of transportation at OpenPlans. Much of the technical work was already done for the Portland project, so it wasn’t a huge leap to create the new sites. uses OpenStreetMap as its base map.

Follow OpenPlans on Twitter.

A non-profit tech org using open source & open data to help cities work better. Projects incl,, MTA BusTime,



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