Google trading halted, pending Larry quote from @pendinglarry

Google's earnings announcement came out early today, with a mis-step by financial printer R.R. Donnelly blamed for the early release which included boilerplate text "PENDING LARRY QUOTE" at the top instead of an actual quote from Google founder Larry Page. The press release is here, though I fully expect the text to be altered before too long. Earnings did not meet estimates.

The internet, quick to jump on a catch phrase, has come up with a pending Larry quote tumblr blog. There's also a Twitter account, @pendinglarry , with the usual set of expected snarky quips.

Google's stock tumbled on the news, and trading was halted. A good place to go for more news than I'm able to put together is the Techmeme page for this incident.

The Wall Street Journal writes

In a statement, R.R. Donnelly said it was "fully engaged in an investigation to determine how this event took place and are pursuing our first obligation—which is to serve our valued customer."

More on trading halts from the SEC, and a current set of all stocks which have trading halted plus the reasons for those halts on NasdaqTrader.

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